All you need to know about an ATV tour in the Sacred Valley

Why explore the Sacred Valley by ATV?

Because exploring the Sacred Valley by ATV is a one of a kind adventure, the sacred valley is one of those unique places you do not know to much about, but trust us it is an unforgettable experience, the nature, the traditional lifestyle, the archaeological sites make this history rich, colorful region an experience to have and carry close to your heart . For sure it is a lot more fun and has a higher adrenaline level than a normal tour by bus with the added advantage of really feeling the wind, smelling the grass and looking without any glass in between the amazing colors and sceneries the sacred valley can offer.

And you will see the Sacred Valley from a different angle. You will ride dirt roads which you cannot access with a normal vehicle. You simply get deeper in the Sacred Valley, able to enjoy everything the sacred valley has to offer from people, to animals and landscapes it is a place where a traditional tours just does not really makes you live the experience .

It is also a great way to combine adventure with culture. With our ATV tours you will visit for instance the archeological site of Moray, the Salt mines and the Church of Tiobamba on your ATV adventure. And anyone can enjoy an ATV tour through sacred valley with us, from families with kids or older members to young friend groups it is guaranteed that this experience will be enjoyed.

What is an ATV?

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle and is also known by the name quad or quad bike. It is a motorized four-wheeler and are normally designed for the use of one driver to ride rough terrain (off-road). An ATV will often be used for professional purposes (agricultural) and for sports and leisure purposes. An ATV can be four wheel driven or two wheel driven, and the power of the engine may vary from 50cc to 1000cc.

We from Cusco Moto Tour Peru use for our ATV tours a Yamaha Grizzly 350 automatic. This is a two wheel driven ATV, has a 350 cc engine, is an automatic and steers very easy and comfortable. This ATV is very easy to ride, even if you have never driven an ATV before, we have space for practicing beforehand, highly specialized personnel that will make sure you have the time of your life.

Do you need a driving license?

Regulations vary per country. In Peru you don´t need any type of license to ride an ATV. You need to be minimum of 13 years old (always with a sign consent from their parents). Our ATV is meant to be driven by one person, however we offer a special seat so an additional passenger can sit comfortable behind the driver on the ATV. So if you are under 13 years old, or you simply do not wish to ride an ATV yourself, you still can go on a tour.

Is it safe to ride an ATV?

Unfortunately, accidents happen with ATVs. And the majority of accidents happen because the driver is riding in an irresponsible manner. So how do we deal with safety? After all, we do want to offer you a safe ride! First of all, you will wear helmet and gloves provided by us, mandatory to wear. Second, our tour is with a guide. He will keep an eye wide open on all safety aspects of the tour to ensure the tour will be taking place in a safe manner. Our tour is not a racing contest, so no speeding and overtaking. Third, we start all our ATV tours with a practice and safety lesson. An ATV doesn´t ride like a motorcycle or like a car. It really has its own riding behavior. During this lesson you will get used to that. The guide will supervise. As our ATVs are automatic and really easy to ride, you quickly feel comfortable riding it.


If you got enthusiastic about doing an ATV tour in the Sacred Valley check out the options we offer. We have a half day ATV trip and we have a full day ATV trip in the Sacred Valley.